1. Bet365 – an overview of the bookmaker

Bet365 was founded in the year 2000 within the Bet365 Group. Two years ago, the sport betting operator decided to introduce eSports betting to the customers. Meanwhile, the British bookmaker has more than ten million registered customers. Attracted by a pay-out key of 94 percent and many outstanding offers and services the number of registrations is continuously increasing. Therefore, Bet365 is one of the most successful operators on the sports betting market. An upgrade for the eSports betting section is urgently necessary, to be competitive also in this segment of the market. Bet365 is advertising with its fair new customer bonus, clear structured odds and an own programmed smartphone application. The operator has about 2100 employees, located in Stoke-On-Trend in England and in worldwide branches. The focus of Bet365 is definitely on sports betting, which gets rounded up by the additional offers of eSports betting, casino, poker, bingo and a gaming zone. The extensive offer of the bookmaker is ensuring the economical existence by a yearly margin of 783 million Euro.

  1. Bet365 performance as a eSport betting operator

All the services of Bet365 get collected in the Bet365 Group. As beside the wide ranged offer of sports betting, the side category of the eSports betting starts to grow. So far the offer of eSports betting is unfortunately limited to League of Legends and Dota2. In comparison to other eSports bookmakers the spectrum is not convincing in the eSports betting test. But as it is well known that Bet365 is a very renowned betting operator, it is expected that by watching and segmenting the market, the bookmaker will increase and extend this eSports betting program very soon.

Additionally, Bet365 is presenting an online casino, poker and bingo in a separate gaming zone, to provide the betting fans the opportunity to have a change within the same portal.

Although the origin of the operator is the United Kingdom, the Gaming authority in Malta licensed Bet365 to perform legally in this business. Therefore, the operator can market its position by seriousness and a high level of security. Already more than ten million customers trust on the competence of the eSports betting operator Bet365. New customers are getting attracted by the fair bonus system and the transparent terms and conditions of the bookmaker. A bonus of 100 percent is being paid out up to a maximum amount of 100 Euro, upon the first deposit after registration. To receive the bonus in cash, it has to be rolled over at least five times in eSports betting. To the marketing strategy of Bet365 belongs also a bonus system for friends of registered customers, this system supports the networking and spreading out of the adverts between the betting fans.

Customers of Bet365 can choose between a big variety of deposit methods, the bookmaker accepts the all the common as well as the popular eWallets, credit cards and MoneyGram payment methods. The average quote key is settled around 93 to 94 percent. From the winnings of the customers a 5 percent betting tax gets deducted.

The customer service of the Bet365 Group Limited is available all around the clock by E-Mail, telephone hotline as well as by the helpful live chat option. An extra feature is definitely the mobile eSports betting program, as the eSports betting test outlines clearly.

  1. Becoming a Bet365 customer – the registration procedure to a eSport User`s Account

To register with the bookmaker, the new customer has to open up the homepage of Bet365. As soon as it loaded completely, a yellow button to register will be apparent. By clicking on this button a Pop-Up window opens, displaying a formula to enter personal data. The registration formula is designed in a very well structured way; in case of any problems the betting fan can access the customer`s service section directly. After completing the data entry, the new customer hast to accept the general terms and conditions of the bookmaker. Finally, the green button has to be clicked, to confirm the complete and correct personal information and the agreement to register as a customer of Bet365. By this time the operator forwards a welcome email and directs the customer immediately to the page to precede a deposit payment. Afterwards the eSports betting fun can begin for the eSports betting fans. The registration can be described as very simple and quick procedure.

  1. The deposit process to place eSports betting

Directly after the registration procedure the customer gets automatically forwarded to the payment section, where immediately the first deposit by the individual chosen payment method can be placed. In the next step the eSports betting fan has to choose the preferred currency, in which the entered amount shall be displayed. It is possible to determine during the first deposit procedure an individual deposit limit. After settling all the details, the customer has to confirm placing the deposit on the betting account by entering the personal password. Depending on the selected payment method, the customer gets directed to the website of the payment proceeded, to release the amount and to be added up to the balance of the eSports betting account.

  1. The pay-out process of winnings of eSports betting

Before a pay-out can be requested, the customer has to log in to the user`s account. In the personalised gaming lobby, the key point “pay-out” can be selected. Only the pay-out amount and the preferred method has to be selected. To ensure the safety of the customers, the betting operator only uses the same payment method for a pay-out, which was used by the customer in advance to place a deposit. After completing the formalities, the requested pay-out gets proceeded within a few hours, as the eSports betting comparison confirms.

  1. Payment Method

Bet365, as one of the most renowned bookmaker, cooperates with the majority of the regional and local payment services. Therefore, the British bookmaker can present to each betting fan worldwide the individual appropriate payment option. For the German market, the betting operator offers the credit card payment by MasterCard and Visa, the common bank transfer as well as electronical transfers which are implemented in real time. Also the payment by the futuristic eWallets and prepaid methods are accepted by the eSports betting operator Bet365. The most popular eWallets are PayPal, Neteller, Skrill (featured by Moneybookers) and Click2Pay. Customers preferring prepaid methods usually choose the personal suitable between Paysafecard, Ukash, Instadebit and the virtual Enrtopay Card.

  1. The betting offer

The offer of eSports betting options is unfortunately still limited, as still a kind of insecurity is existing regarding the development of this market segment. Concerning the actual trend, the operator Bet365 tried to create a convincing spectrum for the eSports betting fans. The selection includes so far League of Legends as well as Dota2. As these are only two out of the five most popular games, this category of Bet365 cannot compete with other eSports betting providers in the business. All in all, the eSports customers can place bets on around 25 different options, where even the selection of top events is absolute limited. Bet365 features only single bets in the eSports section, resulting bets can be placed only on winning and loss. For instance, betting option can be placed only on a winner of a match such as the Legend of Leagues Championship. Although the offer of Bet365 cannot meet the expectations of the eSports betting test at all, the large scaled sports betting section should be taken in consideration. The operator Bet365 offers daily more than 30 000 single bets in 40 different sports. All over, it can be said that in the category of the sports betting, Bet365 does not miss any possible betting event.

  1. Placing bets on eSports betting

First of all, the eSport betting fan has to log in, into the user`s account, on the website of the bookmaker. As soon as the log in procedure was successful, the customer can access via the main menu, on the left side of the homepage, the key point eSports betting. Directly, the available option League of Legends and Dota2 are getting displayed. The eSports betting fan can select the appropriate eSports. Afterwards the betting option of winning can be navigated to the gaming, within this process the odds are getting displayed in a well-structured order. Those can be transferred immediately to the betting voucher. Finally, only the betting amount has to be defined by the eSports betting fan, or the before determined maximum betting amount gets applied. Last but not least the placement of the betting option has to be confirmed by clicking on the yellow button.

  1. Betting odds

The pay-out key of Bet365 is partly above the average of 94 percent, therefore, the operator can reach in the ranking of the eSports betting test in this category a top position. An outstanding opportunity for the eSports betting fan is to be better than the bookmaker itself. Especially the big insecurities of the introduction odds can be used by the eSports betting fan for their advantage. As Bet365 is adapting the odds quite slowly, the customers have the chance to achieve high winnings in a short time by placing surebet options. To sum up, it has to be mentioned that although Bet365 cannot compete with the eSports betting offer of other operators yet, the performance of the odds is highly competitive.

  1. Betting Tax

The 5 percent betting tax was introduced by the German government in the year 2012, although the operator Bet365 has a British origin the tax has to be applied for the German eSports betting customers.

But Bet365 find a convenient solution for itself, the betting tax is getting calculated only partly, as lost betting vouchers are not taken in consideration to add up the betting tax. The deduction of the betting tax is getting applied only for won tickets. Bet365 is deducting the amount of the tax immediately from the balance of the betting account of the user. For instance, a betting option of 100 Euro, with the quote of 2.00 can be taken to view the process clearly. In case of success the eSports betting customer receives only 190 Euro, instead of 200 Euro. The eSports betting test reveals that other operators deal in a different way with the betting tax subject. Some are carrying the complete tax for the customers, some only apply it partly. In general, it can be said that though the betting tax gets deducted, other operators cannot compete in a direct eSports betting comparison with the perfect framework of Bet365.

  1. Mobile Betting

Bet365 offers to its eSports betting customers two different technical options to access the eSports betting program of the bookmaker also on the go. By entering the website address in the browser of the mobile device, every smartphone and tablet can log in to display the offers and services of Bet365. Additional to this, a separate version was programmed for the iPhone and the iPad, as well as an application for mobile devices operated by Android. As a special feature, Bet365 provides the users of the mobile betting program a special bonus of 25 Euro. Moreover, all services and offers can be completely accessed by smartphone and tablet. Beside a high quality design, the mobile eSports betting program includes a lot of functional features. Even the live stream can be displayed on the mobile device. Therefore, the mobile betting program gets ranked on a high level by the eSports betting testers.

  1. Bonus program

The bonus program of Bet365 is designed and displayed in a clear structure, but in general very attractive for new customers. To take part in the bonus program only a few criteria have to be fulfilled. Before the bonus program can be accessed by new customers, they have to place a deposit and roll this amount over completely in eSports betting. This procedure is not bound to a minimum quote. Afterwards a match bonus of 100 percent, up to an amount of 100 Euro is getting credited to the balance to the account of the eSports betting fan.

If the customers would like to request a pay-out of the bonus amount, some conditions have to be completed in advance. The bonus amount and the original deposit have to be rolled over at least five times, in bets with a minimum quote of 1.75. The welcome bonus has to be rolled over within three months, otherwise the bonus amount and all achieved winnings by it will expire. The altitude and the conditions of the bonus program for new customers are especially in the direct comparison with other e-sports betting operators very fair and moderate.

  1. Special Features

The bookmaker proves its British roots by adding to the classic sports betting and the trendy eSports betting section, the special and typical British feature of financial betting. Furthermore, does the portfolio of the Bet365 include a Casino, a live casino as well as a poker area. These sections are very well equipped and therefore highly competitive in comparison to other eSports betting providers. Bet365 trusts completely the design and programs of the renowned organisation Playtech.

  1. Customer`s Service

The customer`s service section of Bet365 is arranged by a mellow concept, as it is one of the key features that leads the operator to its success. A big advantage of the customer`s service section is especially the high level of availability, as the eSports betting fan can contact the customer`s support all the time around the clock. The customer can decide by which channel of contacting the support is suitable to the personal needs. Available are a telephone hotline, a live chat option as well as an email service. Bet365 offers furthermore an outstanding call back service to its customers, the eSports betting fans can post their telephone number and the preferred time of contact. The support team speaks of course English and German. Also the eSports betting test confirms the high standard of the category customer`s service of Bet365, underlined by the professional and friendly behavioural standards of the responding employees.

  1. Bet365 – the most important facts

The British bookmaker has reached in the last years the top level of the rankings in this business. The operator became meanwhile the number seven in the listing of the online betting providers in this segment. More than ten million customers are trusting on the seriousness of Bet365 and are accessing the large scaled portfolio regularly. Although sections like the customer`s service are performing outstanding, the eSports category still needs an urgent upgrade. Briefly the eSports betting test is a trustworthy and definitely secure operator with a high focus on the customer satisfaction. Even the odds for the eSports betting section are not constantly the best; the whole frame including the sports betting section can be highly recommended to the customers who would like to place betting parallel.

  • EU license issued in Gibraltar
  • Limited eSports betting offer
  • Insecure betting quotes for eSport betting
  • quote key between 93 and 94 percent
  • Complete betting tax (5%) gets applied on winning betting vouchers
  • Fair new customer bonus (100 percent up to an amount of 100 Euro)
  • Moderate bonus conditions
  • Advertising program for friends of the user
  • payment methods: PayPal, credit cards, Moneybookers, Neteller, Giropay, Instadebit, classic and electronic bank transfer, PaySafeCard, Ukash, Entropay, Fastbank
  • Customer`s service all around the clock via Email, Live Chat and telephone hotline
  • Mobile betting program with an optimised website to use on all kind of mobile devices

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